Russell Hobbs Quiet Boil Black Legacy – 21886

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Legacy Quiet Boil Black Kettle

The Legacy Black Kettle embraces latest technology and statement design into one. With a quiet boil feature you will barely notice that the kettle is on, allowing the conversation to continue until the round is ready to be poured. The Legacy Black Kettle acknowledges our history and is designed with compliments to the UK’s first automatic kettle while making the most of modern technologies in functionality.

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Quiet boil

A noisy boiling kettle interrupts a heartfelt chat, a favourite song or even just your train of thought. The Legacy Collection Kettle has quiet boil technology, which makes it up to 70% quieter than your average kettle*. So don’t miss out on any of the conversation and create a great pot of tea for the whole family with the Legacy Black Kettle.

Rapid Boil Zones


Whether you’re making a cuppa for one or a pot for a few, ensure you boil just the right amount. Nobody appreciates half a cup of tea so make use of the of the rapid boil zones using the internal widget that this kettle has to offer. If you’re just treating yourself to a much needed mid-morning cuppa or it’s that necessary morning brew to start the day, boil it in just 45 seconds** and start your day the right way.


Perfect pour spout

Bring efficiency to your lifestyle as the Legacy Black Kettle also features a perfect pour spout meaning that there is always a streamlined flow from the kettle to your cup. So pop the kettle on and invite your family and friends round for a cuppa and a catch up.

*Quiet Boil*Quiet Boil

Save Up To 66% EnergySave Up To 66% Energy

Up to 70% QuieterUp to 70% Quieter

Boils 1 cup in 45 secondsBoils 1 cup in 45 seconds


*When tested against other Russell Hobbs kettles without Quiet Boil technology

**One cup is equal to 235ml of water

***When boiling 1 cup as opposed to 1 litre of water