Russell Hobbs 2 Slice Toaster – 24080

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Adventure Two Slice Toaster

Make every morning an adventure with the Adventure 2 Slice Toaster. Inspired by the legendary ships of explorers that have travelled the world, this strong stainless steel and sleek black toaster is a stylish statement piece with a story to tell. Whether you’re making your little one a chunky slice of jam on toast to cure their tummy rumbles before school or you’re buttering up a quick slice before heading out to work, we want to help prepare you for every adventure that’s ahead. So sit down and enjoy a tasty slice of toast because after all, every good adventure starts with a good breakfast.

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Lift & look

Fed up of cancelling your toasting cycle to check if it’s ready? Well now you don’t have to. The lift and look feature on the Adventure 2 Slice Toaster lets you sneak a peek without even having to click  the cancel button. Simply lift up your toast to check on how it’s browning so you can always enjoy a slice of toast that’s just to your tasting.

Frozen bread function


If you’re a toast fanatic that likes to keep an extra loaf stashed away in the freezer then you’ll definitely love the frozen function. Designed for both ease and speed you can simply pop a frozen slice of bread straight into your toaster and have a crunchy, tasty slice of toast in a matter of minutes.


Removable crumb tray

Now you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying a delicious slice of toast without the worry of capturing the crumbs. The Adventure Toaster’s removable crumb tray makes crumbs all over the counter a thing of the past. With a handy tray that collects all of your crumbs, you can simply remove it from your toaster and empty it straight into the bin with minimal fuss.

Improved EvennessImproved Evenness

Variable Browning ControlVariable Browning Control