Bosch 9kg Heat Pump Self-Cleaning Dryer 5 Year Guarantee – WTWH7660GB

789.00 * If applicable, see WEEE contribution pricing below.

Technical information and characteristics

Dimensions: 842 x 598 x 613 mm

Loading capacity: 9.0 kg

Standard cotton programme time at full load: 162 min

Our Home Connect heatpump dryer with SelfCleaning Condenser. Great performance guaranteed with constantly low energy consumption of A++.

Door hinge: Right

SelfCleaning Condenser: Yes

Noise level: Very silent

Stackability: Yes

Home Connect: Yes


* Included in this price is a contribution to recycling cost of €5.

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Automatic fluff-cleaning condenser.

Heat Pump Dryers with the SelfCleaning Condenser protect your clothing and remain highly energy efficient. Thanks to the SelfCleaning Condenser technology, the condenser is cleaned automatically, up to four times during the drying process, which maintains top energy performance cycle after cycle. Heat pump dryers from Bosch are designed to run efficiently whilst gently drying your clothes.

Automatically senses when your load is dry.


Load up your laundry and AutoDry will finish it to the exact level of dryness you want – whether that’s dry enough to iron or extra-dry and ready to fold. Its sensors constantly measure the temperature and moisture to protect your laundry from high temperatures and over-drying. Get the perfect dry every time.


Reduced vibration for reduced noise.


The innovative AntiVibration side walls are specially designed to provide more stability and optimally reduce vibration. The enhanced insulation also regulates noise levels, making Bosch dryers especially quiet.

The right drying for your laundry.

Selecting the right programme for your dryer can not only be confusing, but can also result in less than perfect results. Home Connect with Easy Start takes the guesswork out of this job and always recommends the right programme – straight from your mobile device. The only thing you need to do is enter the textile characteristics and set the drying target in the Home Connect app. Now you can easily choose the right programme and get perfect results. Every time.


Smart appliances make life easier.


Bosch appliances with the Home Connect app give you complete control from wherever you are – with a few simple taps. Simply use your mobile device to conveniently control and monitor your machine remotely.

Your energy usage. Up to you.

We all get to choose our home appliances, but we don’t always have a say when it comes to energy usage. If you are using an EEBUS-based energy management system for your smart grid connection or photovoltaic collector, you can now choose when your home appliances are should operate using the Home Connect app. Your energy management system then automatically uses the best available energy source for your tumble dryer. Finally, home appliances that adapt to your green thinking.


Your tumble dryer does what you tell it.

Thanks to our partnership with Amazon Alexa*, you can now control your tumble dryer by voice. Please find out if the relevant ‘Home Connect’ skill in the Alexa app is available for your country and language. Activate the skill to establish a connection between Amazon Alexa and your tumble dryer. *Subject to local availability.

Fabric-friendly drying.


The SensitiveDrying System cares for your laundry perfectly by introducing mild, warm air from all sides. This is enhanced by the soft, curved paddles in the drum, which mean your laundry never lies flat, so it doesn’t crease. The result: gently dried laundry that’s perfectly soft and fluffy, and free of wrinkles.


Energy efficient drying.


Bosch ActiveAir uses heat pump technology to heat air and dry your garments efficiently. The warm is recirculated and reused in the drying cycle. In addition to using significantly less energy than a standard condenser model, heat pump dryers are also more gentle on your clothes. Our Bosch AutoDry technology constantly monitors the progress of your cycle and will automatically adjust the drying time to suit your load.

Down Drying


A down-filled jacket needs to be dried differently from a pair of denim jeans. With gentle warm air, a wide range of programmes and our fabric-protecting drum structure, our tumble dryers always provide the best care for every item of laundry.


Electric damp detector

Whether it’s partly dried or fully dried, Bosch tumble dryers adjusts the drying programs to suit your needs.

Fast drying, perfect for small loads.

Quick 40′ drying is perfect for a small load of light fabrics. High precision temperatures and monitoring of the degree of dryness guarantees fast drying, so you can wear the clothes immediately after the drying is complete.


Choose to drain manually or automatically.

The condensate tray will automatically collect the water from your drying and simply needs to be emptied after each cycle. However, if convenient you can choose to plumb the dryer directly into your drainage system, which avoids the need to empty the condesnate tray manually.

Gentle treatment for your sportswear.


Sportswear textiles are engineered to offer the best performance whilst you work out. The technical nature of these textiles requires special care which is why Bosch has developed a specific Sportswear programme. Gentle drum movements and lower heat offer protection for your garments.


Interior Drum Light


With the Interior Drum Light you have complete visibility in your washing machine thanks to the illuminated drum.