Washing Machine Programmes

Your washing comes with a lot of dials and settings but many of us stick rigidly to using just one or two of these. Here are some of the main washing machine programs explained:

Hand wash - Use this cycle to ensure any delicates aren’t damaged.

Whites - This cycle is ideal for when you want to keep those whites looking bright. Clothes are usually washed in temperatures of around 60°C - 90°C.

Fast wash - Great for small loads that aren’t heavily soiled, this setting washes clothes in half the usual time. You can wash 2kg of clothes in just 14 minutes!

Pre-wash - Trying to get rid of a stain? Use a pre-soak setting with a stain remover before putting the washing on a normal cycle.

Anti-allergy - Do you or does someone in your home suffer from eczema or hayfever? This programme, available on some Beko machines, reduces the number of allergens that can get into the machine. If you have eczema wash clothes separately to others, use a sensitive wash and wash new clothes before you wear them. 

Woollens - Great during the winter months when you’ll need it more, this setting allows you to wash your knitwear with minimal risk.

Anti-crease - Ideal if you can’t hang your washing up straight away, this setting reduces creases in clothing. Less ironing is always a bonus!


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